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MOPITT measurements provide vertical profiles and total column CO and are useful to analyze the distribution, transport, sources and sinks of CO on a global level.
MOPITT retrievals of CO are publicly available for the period starting March 3, 2000 and continuing to the present.
The current variants of MOPITT CO retrievals (Level 2 and Level 3 products) are:

  • TIR: thermal infrared-only (TIR-only, band near 4.7 μm) product
  • NIR: near infrared-only (NIR-only, band near 2.3 μm) product
  • TIR+NIR: joint or multispectral TIR and NIR product

The MOPITT version V3 product (now outdated) was the first satellite data set for tropospheric CO observation and its characteristics is covered in a paper by Deeter et. al., 2003.

All MOPITT data versions prior to V7 are now outdated and no longer publicly available.

The V7 dataset covers the period 2000 - 2020, V8 covers 2000 - 2021, and V9 from 2000 - 2020 with a beta product covering through to the present. V7 data was validated in Deeter et al., 2017, V8 was validated in Deeter et al., 2019, and V9 was validated in Deeter et al., 2021. These references also summarize the changes made in each data version.

Version Variants Operational Period CO A Priori Meteorological model User Guide
V3 TIR 2002-2009 Global NCEP
V4 TIR 2009-2012 MOZART NCEP
V6 TIR, NIR, TIR+NIR 2013-2017 CAM-Chem MERRA
V7 TIR, NIR, TIR+NIR 2016-2020 CAM-Chem MERRA-2
V8 TIR, NIR, TIR+NIR 2018-2021 CAM-Chem MERRA-2
V9 TIR, NIR, TIR+NIR 2021-Present CAM-Chem MERRA-2
NRT TIR 2021-present - - -

In May, 2001, one of MOPITT's two coolers failed, effectively disabling channels 1 - 4. After extensive diagnostics and some minor reconfiguration of the Channel 7 PMC, MOPITT resumed operations in August, 2001 with channels 5 - 8 fully functional (cooler in unbalanced mode) . No MOPITT products are available for the period between May 7 and August 24, 2001. Therefore, the retrievals are divided into:
"Phase-I" CO Retrievals (March, 2000 - May, 2001) and "Phase-II" CO Retrievals (August, 2001 - present).
Phase I and Phase II CO retrievals are similar in terms of vertical resolution and information content.

Where to find the data?

Daily and monthly CO plots can be observed on the NCAR website with about a 1 month week lag:

The NCAR interactive data viewer can be accessed at:

The data in .he5 format for download can be accessed on the NASA earth data website:

To view the .he5 data you can use the NASA tool, Panoply, which can be accessed for download at:

The NRT data can be accessed at:

A useful tool is GIOVANNI where you can access the data for several species as well as several instruments and plot the data. You can access MOPITT data by selecting CO and MOPITT from the drop down lists.

Another useful tool is the NASA WorldView tool where you can add layers of different data from different instruments and plot the data for different dates.